I draw every day (with an occasional sabbatical) and post the drawings on Instagram. Here are past and current projects that are the results of this personal challenge.


This was a yearlong project. Every day for 365 days, I created a small drawing. Each small drawing became part of a larger drawing, of which there were twelve, one for each month. The content of the drawings were mostly from ideas submitted to me via social media, and each day's progress was posted on Instagram. See them archived on my Instagram @gregorynemec, and prints in two sizes are available at my Etsy shop.


My first of two June 2018 to June 2019 personal projects is to create a 22” x 28” drawing of 365 people who I think have made the world a better place. Artists, performers, activist, athletes, drawn daily at less than 1.5 inches tall. Each drawing celebrates someone on their birthday. Visit my Instagram account @gregorynemec to follow my progress and see what wonderful person was born today.

In Memoriam

My other personal project coincides with the Birthdays project, but shows the other side of humanity. I am drawing people every day for a year, on the anniversary of their deaths. Sometimes it is one person, sometimes it is a dozen or a hundred deaths. Each death has an historic significance, and they all represent people taken before their time, due to the imperfections of our species: fear, neglect, xenophobia, self destruction. All deserve to be reflected on and not forgotten. Visit my Instagram account @gregorynemec to follow my progress and learn who we should remember today.